English language tidbit: quid

Language training EnglishIn almost all European countries, we can now pay with the euro, but in England we are at the mercy of the pound. It is perhaps not surprising that the English do not want to give up their pound – the pound sterling is one of the most important currencies on the world market (after the dollar, euro and yen).
In the same way as we sometimes refer to the rijksdaalder as a knaak, in the vernacula, the pound is often called quid. It is used in informal situations (for example, “I won five hundred quid on the horses yesterday.”) Where does the name quid come from? The answer is not clear. The general explanation given is that the word comes from the Latin phrase “quid pro quo” which means “this for that”, in other words:  “I give you something in exchange for something else.”

Source: http://www.srcsocialmedia.nl/blogs/engels-taalweetje-quid.

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