Mid-course evaluation

    General impression

    1) Does the training meet your expectations?

    2) Does the training meet your specific needs?

    3) Do you have enough opportunity during the lesson to speak? According to you, what is the speaking ratio?

    4) Is there enough variety during the lessons?

    5) Is the tempo of the training (including the amount of homework given) properly suited to your situation?

    6) How would you assess the trainer’s preparation for each lesson?

    7) Is the structure of the training clear to you?

    8) Apart from books, is other recent and authentic material used such as articles from newspapers, magazines, CDs, videos, DVDs and the Internet?

    9) Does the quality of the lesson material (books, copies etc.) meet your expectations?

    10) Does the trainer regularly ask you if you have any comments or special requests for the next lesson?

    11) Do you have any suggestions for improvement?