Our trainer comes to you

Do you want your employees to learn even more efficiently? Then opt for In-company Training to arrange for our trainers to come to you. You determine the location, and together we determine the content of the training. We also organize online language courses!

You determine your goal

For instance, do you want expats with different cultural backgrounds to integrate more quickly into their working environment? Or for your employees’ training to focus on writing perfect e-mails and reports? We will make sure that they receive the right language training.

Tailor-made courses for small groups

In-company Training focuses primarily on how the participants need to use the language for their work. This means that teaching materials, lesson structure, frequency, tempo and homework are also adapted accordingly. To guarantee success, a group will consist of a maximum of 5 participants with the same level of knowledge and similar goals. To determine both the knowledge of the participants and the content of the training, sound preparation takes place before the training and we will test the existing knowledge of the language of all course participants.

The results

All skills will be addressed so that the course participants learn how to use the language in their daily work situation. We will carry out regular evaluations and make adjustments where necessary. The participants’ knowledge level will increase significantly in just 3 months. Their self-confidence will grow, and their ability to speak the language will improve considerably.

We would love to hear from you

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