Communicate with flair and self-confidence

The unique CERAN LINGUA method

Intensieve Taaltraining voor professionalsEuropean Language Centre organises the Intensive Language Training Courses in collaboration with CERAN LINGUA.
Over the past forty years, CERAN LINGUA has built up a reputation with its unique teaching method: putting the knowledge acquired straight into practice! You will be immersed in the target language for 66 hours over the course of one week. This makes CERAN LINGUA’s training courses one and a half times as intensive as those of providers in the Netherlands. The programme is attractive and manageable due to the variety of classes and other activities (workshops, meals, evening sessions). This means that you are constantly learning the language through contact with others.

What will you be able to do after taking part?

  • You will no longer be afraid of making mistakes
  • Your spoken language skills will be considerably improved
  • You will have a significantly larger vocabulary
  • You will be able to use the language in a business and social context
  • Your flair and self-confidence will have substantially increased

Where will you stay?

You will stay at an exciting location in a country such as Belgium (just over the border from Maastricht), France and England. We will provide your accommodation, meals and teaching materials, so that you can spend all of your time learning the language.








Customer experience

‘After several months of self-study and private classes I took an intensive French training course with CERAN LINGUA. To start with I was a bit daunted, because absolutely everything was done in French. My first response was ‘I’ll never be able to do that’. However, the friendliness and professionalism of the teachers help you to quickly overcome your fears. Being ‘immersed’ from breakfast up to and including that last coffee/tea/drink before bed means that things really suddenly start to click into place. I gained so much from the course’!
Ms M. Cooijman, Allianz HR Department.

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