Learning Dutch in the Netherlands

image-2014-10-21Do you live and/or work in the Netherlands, but you don’t speak Dutch? If so, you will have found out by now that you can get by to a large extent with English. However, you will never truly get to know Dutch society, culture, or your colleagues if you do not speak the language. At European Language Centre, we can help you to master the Dutch language quickly and efficiently – in a way that suits you and your schedule (we also organize online language courses). Even our Queen has learned Dutch with us!

Programmes and locations

If you are an expat living and working in the Netherlands, the chances are you are very busy and have little time to learn a language. We have taken this into account when developing our programmes. The focus lies not only on the language, but also on Dutch culture and traditions. We offer you the following programmes:

  • Intensive Training: you will spend one or two weeks just over the Dutch border in Spa, Belgium, at the CERAN LINGUA language institute, following a short but very intensive training course. This is the quickest way to learn the language!
  • Tailor-made Language Training: you will receive private classes at the institute or at your office. This programme is ideal if you want to acquire a good basic knowledge of Dutch. You yourself determine when you want to attend classes, so that you can adapt the programme to your schedule.
  • Online Language Course: our online courses will help you to keep your language skills up to scratch, whether you are an individual student or part of a group.

Please note: if you wish, on completion of the Tailor-made Language Training, you can follow the Intensive Training to further enhance your knowledge of the Dutch language.

The results

Once you have completed the training, your ability to speak and understand Dutch will be considerably improved – and you will be able to use the language in a business and social context. You will no longer be afraid of making mistakes and, what’s more, you will have a better understanding of Dutch culture.

More information

Are you an expat in the Netherlands and do you want to learn Dutch, perhaps together with your family? If so, contact us now. You will be following in the footsteps of international managers and employees of companies such as
ABN-AMRO Bank, AKZO Nobel, BMW, DSM, Heineken, ING, Nike, Maastricht University and Shell!

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