Tailor-made private classes

image-2014-10-29European Language Centre does not work with standard training courses and methods. With our Tailor-made Language Training you therefore receive private classes that are tailored to your requirements. We also organize online language courses. 


Intake as basis for training

In order to be able to do this effectively, you will receive an intake in which we will discuss not only your existing knowledge, but also your goals and work situation. We will then use this information as a basis for producing an entirely tailor-made training course. For instance, your trainer will incorporate material that is relevant to your work. The lesson structure, the tempo and the homework will also be tailored precisely to your abilities.

How long?

If you have a good basic knowledge of the language, you can assume an average of 10 private classes each lasting 3 hours, spread over 3 months, an ideal format which will keep you highly motivated. For beginners we recommend a training programme of at least 40 hours in order to build up a good basic knowledge. If you wish, you can be given assignments to take home with you at the end of each class, so that you can achieve your desired results even faster.

The results

We will evaluate your progress both during and after your training. On top of this, we will focus on your work situation and we will ensure that all language learning skills are addressed. With Tailor-made Language Training you can therefore rest assured that your knowledge of the language will improve considerably within a relatively short period of time in the areas that you want to use it.

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