CERAN LINGUA has been providing language courses for young people for more than 35 years. Last year (2014), more than 2500 young people from around the world came to Belgium and England to follow a course of one or more weeks. The institute is quality centred and has developed a unique teaching method that enables course participants to learn the language in a natural way and in a short period of time.

Did you know that…

  • A CERAN LINGUA course is often 1.5 times as intensive as courses from other providers?
  • CERAN LINGUA provides highly professional support? All trainers and supervisors are native speakers, speak a number of languages, and are trained in the unique CERAN method. They are also highly proficient when it comes to dealing with children from different countries and with different backgrounds.
  • CERAN LINGUA combines serious training with a fun social atmosphere?
  • Your child is in good hands with CERAN LINGUA? Safety comes first! All activities take place under the supervision of the trainers and supervisors (from breakfast to bed time).
  • A two-week course includes one weekend stay and all excursions?
  • It is possible to follow a one-week training programme for € 1,530.00, including accommodation, meals and all facilities?

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