A unique method

CERAN LINGUA applies a unique learning method that focuses on practical exercises in the target language. Learning in a natural, efficient way. Act now and experience another language!


QRI® stands for: Question, Response and Intonation. It is a CERAN LINGUA technique for systematising language knowledge and mastering the language. The technique makes efficient use of dialogue. You and the language trainer listen carefully to one another. You put the target language into practice and there is constant interaction. This enables you to improve your knowledge under the supervision of a professional language trainer.

Key phrases

Each lesson is summarised with Key Phrases. This means they are unique, but also useful in several general or professional situations. At the end of your course you receive a recording of your Key Phrases. The Key Phrases help you to perfect the knowledge you have acquired and continue your learning process.

Verbotonal method for phonetic correction

Every language has its own melody, intonation, rhythm and tones. The language trainers use the speech method developed by the Université de Mons-Hainaut in Belgium to help you identify and reproduce the characteristics of the language.
Your pronunciation will also improve thanks to SpeedLingua®, software that helps your hearing detect frequencies in the target language and your voice to adjust in ‘real time’.

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