The exhibition “Asia > Amsterdam Luxury in the Golden Age”

Dutch Language TrainingIn the seventeenth century, Holland was the richest country in the world. The Dutch East India Company, known in Dutch as the VOC, the world’s first multinational, and its far-reaching outposts that traded in Japan, China and Indonesia in the East, turned Amsterdam into the hub market of luxury goods for the rest of Europe. Many Dutch households are known for their interior regarding luxurious cabinets with neatly displayed porcelain. The porcelain originated from the Golden Age (VOC) and is made in Asia. The Rijksmuseum will hold an exhibition to display how the Dutch became fascinated with these new products from Asia and adopted them for use in their daily lives, according to the Junior curator at the Rijksmuseum, Femke Diercks.
The exhibition runs until 17 January 2016.

The Dutch language and culture

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